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Val is the author of The Art of Comforting: What to Say and Do for People in Distress (Penguin Random House, 2010) which won the Nautilus Book Award, and 400 Friends and No One to Call (Central Recovery Press, 2020).


Speaking nationwide on how to build friendships and community in times of loss, loneliness, and major life changes.

Val Walker, MS       Photo by Barbara Olson

A contributing blogger for Psychology Today and a rehabilitation consultant and educator, Val explores the art of comforting, breaking out of isolation, and building community. Based in Boston, MA, she speaks at Council on Aging centers, agencies for people with disabilities, continuing education programs, medical centers, and hospices.


Providing lively, interactive classes for seniors and people with disabilities. With word games, brain twisters, and theatre games, her “Words Galore” programs spark wit, banter, humor—and, best of all—new friendships.